Belfast - St Pius V Chapel

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Contact Information
5, 78 Andersonstown Road
Belfast Co. Antrim BT11 9AN
(corner of Stockman's Ln & Andersonstown Rd)

(048) 944 53 654
[email protected]

Sunday 12:00 pm

Confessions 30 minutes before Mass

Prior to the arrival of the SSPX in Belfast, Fr Thomas Cunningham, the Parish Priest in charge of St Agnes Parish Church, said Mass on Sundays in a convent in his parish in the late 1970's. He was eventually asked to leave by those in authority. The core group of the SSPX in Belfast began in the late 1970's. The first Mass of the SSPX was celebrated by Fr Michael Cresswell, a friend of the Society, at Mrs Hamill's house on 6 th January 1978 – the evening after Fr. Cunningham was anointed and received the sacraments. Fr. Cresswell travelled from England to celebrate this Mass and he returned again to say Masses in April 1978. Fr Francis Gallagher, then a student at the University of Ulster, was among those who attended Mass there on those occasions. Fr. Alan Wilders came over to visit Dublin at the end of 1980 and John McDonald, Sean Mc Caughey and Michael Dawson met him and invited him to say Mass in Belfast. So from the early 1980's until mid 1983, Fr. Wilders travelled from England, and subsequently from Westport, each Sunday to say Mass in a hall in Donegall St. near the city centre. Mr Hugh E McKeown found this venue after much searching. About 120 people attended the first of these Masses but the numbers declined over time. In 1983 the SSPX established a house in Ireland. Fr John Emerson, the first SSPX Superior in Ireland, and Fr Walter Ranger travelled north from St John's Church, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin each Sunday to the hall in Donegall Street. Eventually the hall in Donegall St. was no longer available so Mr Hugh E McKeown set out to look for a place in West Belfast and this time a pre-fabricated hall at Koram Ring was rented from 1986-1991. Fr Daniel Couture was then made Superior of Ireland in 1987. It was in this simple hut that Archbishop Lefebvre said Mass in 1989 packed as it was with media reporters. It is remembered for the failed attempt by the notorious modernist, Fr. Pat Buckley, to receive Holy Communion from His Grace who had been forewarned by Fr. Couture. The hut had eventually to be pulled down so the next move was to a house owned by parishioners. 

The present Belfast chapel, organised by Mr Hugh E McKeown, opened in 1993 as a single unit which continued for nine years. Fr Dubroeucq, the new superior, suggested that as a second unit next door was unoccupied, renovations should be carried out to expand the area available to accommodate worshippers. Subsequently an adjoining beam was put in place, rewiring, plastering and carpeting was carried out in May 2002 at a cost of £9000. It now has the capacity for about forty people. At present efforts are being made to find a larger and better situated venue.

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