Registration for Baptism

The form below must be completed and submitted before your child is baptised.

The greatest good that parents can do for the little being to whom they have given the life of the body is to give it the life of the soul. This is what you have understood in doing what is necessary to make your child become a child of God as soon as possible. However the Church reminds parents that they have the very grave duty to give their children, as far as they are able, a religious and moral, physical and civil education, as well as to provide for their temporal good.

Your first concern will therefore be to raise your child as a baptised person should be, that is, as a good Christian. To show the seriousness of your approach today, you will freely make the official request for your child to be baptised; and consequently, you will commit yourself to raise your child in a Christian manner and to send him to catechism as soon as he is old enough. You will also make a point of giving him a Christian name so that he may have a holy protector in heaven.

He must be confirmed and practising Catholic.
She must be confirmed and practising Catholic.