2019 February

The weekend started with Mass in Athlone at 11:00hrs on Saturday the 09th of February 2019. Everyone congregated at the church for Mass after which a speedy lunch was eaten and we departed for the wonderful activities which had been organised in Lilliput, Co. Westmeath.
The weather was a little damp but there was never any doubt from the group that the weather would clear up in time for the outdoor activities. The excitement of the group was palpable as we arrived at Lilliput. After a cup of tea by the fireplace, we were split into teams for the orienteering course.
One team however had a clear advantage (or so it seemed) over the rest with two locals on the team and decided to attempt the course backwards. This team proceeded to get lost and end up trying to navigate their way through a deadly series of bog holes.
After the orienteering came laser tag. The Yanks taking this opportunity to demonstrate their love of the 2nd amendment (as if we didn’t know already). We then proceeded back to Athlone for Rosary in the church and then back to Court Devenish for a conference by Fr. Ockerse on “Communion with the Church” in which he explained the three criteria which satisfy being in communion with Rome. These are an acceptance of the dogma of the Catholic Church and the seven Sacraments, and an obedience to the Pope on all things legitimate. A papal instruction is legitimate only if it binds the whole Church on something which is a matter of Faith and morals, and is proclaimed from the chair of Peter.
Then we all sat down for the tea, kindly supplied by Catherine Hogan. The night finished off with a sing song and quiz round. The Westmeath crew attempted to make a quick exit from Court Devenish but had their swift exit impeded by a jeep blocking the gateway.
Sunday began once more with mass in the church at 10:00hrs. Following mass we had the dinner in the house, provided by Brighid Walsh, before engaging in a tough study session on chapter 15 of Theology and Sanity presented by Seán, Kevin and Quentin……. .
We then set out for a game of rounders in the Athlone Regional Sports Center. The weather was not as kind to us as it was on Saturday, but dedicated as the group were, the game went ahead. As we were preparing to return to Court Devenish, it became apparent that a member had lost the keys of his car. Thankfully the keys had not gone far and we returned to the house where we concluded the evening with a mug of tay by the fire.

Written by Kevin Glennon and Colm Béiglín.