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Spring: The Bread of Travellers ♦ Communiqué ♦ Fiducia Supplicans‘Pastoral Blessing’ ♦ Messengers of GodRIP Amendments


Winter: Joy to the World ♦ God's Meteor: Alfie Lambe ♦ Élisabeth Leseur:
A Felicitous Faith‘The Story of Our Lady of Liesse ♦ Lourdes Pilgrimage

Autumn: Religious Vocations  ♦ Letter from the Superior 6 Priest and Sacrifice ♦ Priesthood ♦ Walk Before Me Like Abraham ♦ Out of the Mouth of Babes: A word to parents

Summer: Lux Veritatis ♦ Letter from the Superior ♦ Truth Endangered by Scsience ♦ Bartolo Longo ♦ You will Know the Truth and the Truth will Make You Free ♦ The Courage to be Afraid: A Review ♦ Chartres 2023

Spring: Motherhood ♦ Letter from the Superior ♦ St Anne ♦ Flowers in the Desert ♦ St Frances of Rome ♦ Madame Lefebvre: Portrait of a Catholic Mother ♦ Motherhood and Family: A review ♦ The Painted Paschal Candle 


Winter: Fatherhood ♦ Letter from the Superior  ♦ St. Joseph ♦ Louis Martin ♦ God, Family and Country ♦ Fatherhood and Family ♦ Knock Conference

Autumn: Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi ♦ Letter from the Superior ♦ Living the Liturgy ♦ Teaching Little Ones Devotion to Mary ♦ Little Ark of Kilbaha ♦ Ireland's Loyalty to the Mass

MISSING Summer: Letter from the Superior ♦ Lily of Éire ♦ Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi ♦ Mother Mary Martin ♦ Hills of Donegal

Spring: Ora et Labora ♦ Letter from the Superior ♦ Dom Columba Marmion ♦ On the Gift of Tears ♦ Life of St Hyacinth ♦ Building Back Better Catholic Style ♦ Collage ♦ Year Planner


Winter: Sub Tuum Praesidium ♦ Letter from the Superior ♦ We fly to the patronage of Our Lady ♦ Our Lady's Island Co Wexford ♦ Knock Co. Mayo ♦ Matt Talbot ♦ Symbolising the Sacred ♦ Fr Mark Van Es RIP

Autumn: Christian Art  ♦ Letter from the Superior ♦ Cultural Marxism and the Destruction of Art ♦ Interpreting Angels in Art ♦ Beauty and Truth ♦ St Catherine of Bologna ♦ Saint Declan's Way 2021

Summer: Faith of our Fathers ♦ Letter from the Superior ♦ Mass Rocks & Faith of the Nation ♦ The Hunted Priest ♦ Catholic Voices: Alexis de Tocqueville in Ireland ♦ Youth Group in Kerry Roundup

Spring: Caritas Letter from the Superior ♦ Catholic Clergy in Time of Cholera ♦ Charity in Action: Conversion of Bently Place ♦ A Poor amongst the Poor ♦ The Beuron Painting Project


Winter: Teaching All Nations ♦ Letter from the Superior ♦ A Reflection on the Lives of Saint Killian and Saint Colmcille ♦ Domine, ut videam: Life and Vision of Bishop Joseph Shanahan CSSp ♦ "God's will be done": Bishop Edward Galvin and the Maynooth Mission to China    

Autumn: Celebrating 50 Years of the SSPX ♦ Photo collage of the history of SSPX Ireland

Summer: Thy Kingdom Come ♦ Superior's Letter: Edel Quinn ♦ Conquerors for Christ ♦ Like an Army in Battle Array

Spring: Salve Regina ♦  Superior's Letter ♦  Mathair Dé ♦ Queen of Ireland ♦ Faith as a Pillar of Fire ♦ The Grace of all Graces


MISSING Winter Superior's Letter ♦ Dream of Dakar ♦ From Longford to Paris ♦ An Irish Priest & Wartime Hero ♦ A Successful Conference in Knock

Autumn: The Catholic Family Superior's Letter ♦ Culture Eats Policy for Breakfast ♦ The Unmaking of Ireland ♦ Cradle of the Faith ♦ Youth Summer Seminar

MISSING Summer ♦  Superior's Letter ♦ True Nature of Education ♦ Catholic Education in Ireland Past & Present ♦ Nano Nagle

Spring: Irish Culture and Custom — Portraying a Nation’s Faith ♦  Superior's Letter ♦ Culture Eats Policy for Breakfast ♦ The Unmaking of Ireland ♦ Cradle of the Faith ♦ Youth Summer Seminar



Autumn: St Declan's WayLetter from the Superior Life of St. Declan Ardmore Ruins Why Pilgrimage? 

Summer: Prayer WarriorLetter from the Superior Prayer Warrior A Message of Peace A Powerful Image 

Spring: A Great Appeal for the Unborn  Letter from the Superior Abortion: A Gynaecologist’s Perspective St Tola’s High Cross Aubrey de Vere


Winter: Celtic Christianity ♦  Letter from the Superior Visionary for a Catholic Ireland Celtic Christianity Pontmain: Story of a Miracle Storming Heaven for the Unborn

Autumn: An Approach to Atheism ♦  Letter from the Superior An Approach to Atheism Court Devenish Abortion & De Valera Revival of the Crusaders