Turning to God in a Crisis

Source: SSPX Ireland

Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan blesses Waterford on 17 March 2020

In a recent communiqué Fr Davide Pagliarani commented on the current crisis with these consoling words: ‘If Providence permits a calamity or an evil to happen, it always achieves its goal of bringing about a greater good which, directly or indirectly, always concerns our souls.’ 

Some of this good is already manifesting itself in this country.

Following the example of the Bishop of Crema, Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan of Waterford took to the deserted streets of his city with the Blessed Sacrament and implored God’s blessing during the current crisis. Incidentally, Bishop Cullinan had also reintroduced the Corpus Christi procession in Waterford City four years ago after an absence of any such procession for many years. It was then he recognised the importance of Eucharistic processions, seeing them as opportunities to implore God’s blessings on: ‘families, the sick, those in any need, the lonely, the lost.’1

Meanwhile in Armagh Archbishop Eamonn Martin responded to the crisis in a different way. Recognising the power of the devotion to the Immaculate Heart revealed by Our Lady at Fatima, he made an appeal to all bishops and priests of Ireland to consecrate the country to Her Immaculate Heart; the day he chose for this consecration is the feast of the Annunciation. What a powerful effect this could have on the whole country if every bishop and priest in Ireland made this consecration on the 25th of March!

We pray that not only bishops but also priests and faithful may turn to God and His Mother in these trying times; and that this period of suffering and uncertainty may also be a time of renewal of Faith.