Summer 2017 Recap

Source: SSPX Ireland

A whole host of events took place throughout this summer beginning with the Eucharistic Crusade camps during the month of July, which were an enormous success. Shortly after, Fr. Petrucci led a group of faithful who followed St Patrick's footsteps up Croagh Patrick, and celebrated a Mass at Teampall Phádraig which sits at the summit of the mountain. Just over a week later, a contingent from St Thomas Aquinas Seminary came to spend the weekend with faithful in the Dun Laoghaire, Athone, and Cork parishes. They helped serve and sing the Sunday Masses, and afterwards had the opportunity to interact with the faithful.

The day after they left, Mass was celebrated at the Ballyholland Mass Rock in Newry followed by a Marian Procession to continue the tradition. A record crowd of around 150 faithful turned up for this marvelous event! A final pilgrimage to end the Summer events will take place at Knock on Saturday 16 September. Thanks to everybody who made these events possible, and may they aid us to live our Faith.