Scientology in Ireland

Source: SSPX Ireland

David Miscagive, head of the Church of Scientology

Between the years 2011 and 2016 the number of Irish people claiming to have no religion grew 73.6% from 269,800 to 468,400 or nearly 1 person in 10 of the total Irish population. The Scientologists believe they can win some of these people over to their so-called "religion". But scientology in fact does not preach or impose a particular idea of God on its followers. Rather, people are expected to discover the truth through their own observations as their awareness advances. A religion without any of the religious aspects it seems. 

... the Church of Scientology has no set dogma concerning God that it imposes on its members. As with all its tenets, Scientology does not ask individuals to accept anything on faith alone. Rather, as one’s level of spiritual awareness increases through participation in Scientology auditing and training, one attains his own certainty of every dynamic. Accordingly, only when the Seventh Dynamic (spiritual) is reached in its entirety will one discover and come to a full understanding of the Eighth Dynamic (infinity) and one’s relationship to the Supreme Being (

They have recently purchased an old building on the Firhouse Road in Dublin and have now opened it as an Ideal Org, which similar to a mother church. Many are left questioning this move since the Church only boasts 87 followers in Ireland. Scientology has been under increasing scrutiny in the US. Defections from high-ranking members, and books and documentaries alleging brainwashing and emotional and physical abuse, are drawing unwelcome attention to the organisation.

Man has an inherent need for religion, which traditionally always included sacrifice. But when man dethrones God as the source for truth, there is no need for adoration, submission, or sacrifice. The options are endless, and become more radical and more illogical. As St. Augustine so wisely said: "our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee O God!"