A Savage Intent

Source: SSPX Ireland

The committee nominated to review the Eighth Amendment has recently recommended a number of changes to the current legislation on abortion. Based on the voting of the committee, abortion up to 12 weeks received support, but the terminations for 22 weeks was rejected. The majority also voted to repeal Article 40.3.3 of the Constitution, which gives the unborn and mother equal right to life.

It appears that the committee is moving forward carefully on this issue, as they attempt to convince the nation that murder within the womb is socially acceptable. At 22 weeks in a pregnancy, the baby is already well-formed, and the murder is more apparent. But if the repeal does go through, it is only opening the door to morality which is based purely on selfish pragmatism. With more and more Catholics denying many of the core tenets of Catholicism, the morality of the belief system is now also being shed.

Although the committee has supported this new legislation, only the referendum which goes to the polls this Spring will determine the outcome of this legislation. Let us pray that the Irish do not reject the Faith of their forefathers and have the strength to keep the eighth amendment in place.