Rally to Save the 8th

Source: SSPX Ireland

Dublin City Centre, Saturday, 10th March 2018 @ 2pm

With the referendum on the 8th amendment fast approaching, it is a reminder that every Catholic has an obligation to support the unchanging doctrine they profess. And since man is by nature a social creature, this obligation is not fulfilled only in private, but also must be publicly expressed as the circumstances demand. When something as fundamental as the right to life is attacked by society, there is certainly an obligation for Catholics to challenge this unnatural position in whatever reasonable way they are able. 

As early as 1951, Pius XII clearly laid out the position of the Church on abortion: "Every human being, even a child in the mother's womb has a right to life directly from God and not from the parents or from any society or authority.  Hence there is no man, no human authority, no science, no medical, eugenic, social, economic or moral 'indication' that can offer or produce a valid juridical title to a direct deliberate disposal of an innocent human life; that is to say, a disposal that aims at its destruction whether as an end or as a means to another end, which is, perhaps, in no way unlawful in itself."  Pius XII, Allocution to Large Families, November 26, 1951.

With these thoughts in mind do we encourage all Catholics not only to pray for the outcome of the referendum, but also to join the Rally on 10 March.

1:30 PM Rosary Procession from St. Saviour's Church

2:00 PM Rally begins from Parnell Square

Below is the text taken from thelifeinstitute.net:

SAVE THE DATE TO SAVE THE 8TH! In 2018, we need to make a last stand together before the referendum attacking the 8th amendment is held.

Let’s show the Irish people we are pro-life and proud and that we will Rally to Save the 8th. Let’s win this referendum by showing them how to protect mothers and babies. In April and May we’ll be winning votes at the doors and on the campaign trail, so we need to rally in March to motivate and inspire others to join us to Save the 8th.

Be there for this historic Rally to Save the 8th, March 10th in Dublin. Be part of it. Keep Ireland pro-life!

We would also add, keep Ireland Catholic. For if morality is not founded on unchanging Catholic doctrine, it will undoubtedly fail. We must "restore all things in Christ", for without Christ there is no victory!