A Powerful Conference

Source: SSPX Ireland

On Saturday 5 May over 150 people gathered at The Alex Hotel to hear a panel of speakers address the upcoming referendum. 

Rev. Fr. Leo Boyle from Newry Co. Down opened the event explaining how a once Catholic country has come to such a horrific crossroads, once unimaginable to the older generation.

Dr. Toni Brandi followed with some mind-boggling statistics on how the abortion agenda has been pushed onto one country after another.

And finally, Gianna Jessen spoke of how God spared her from an attempted abortion, and how countless lives like her own would be denied existence if abortion is legalised in Ireland.

Missed the Great Appeal conference? Watch the talks here — 

Fr. Leo Boyle

Dr. Toni Brandi

Gianna Jessen

Fr. Vicente Griego