An Outing in Bray

Source: SSPX Ireland

On Saturday 27th January there was a National Eucharistic Crusade outing to the SeaLife museum in Bray. After Mass at Saint John’s and a hurried lunch in the hall everybody arrived at the museum for our guided tour. 

The first part of the museum contained freshwater fish from various places around the world. The saltwater section was larger and contained jellyfish, rays and small sharks. There were also some shark’s eggs in one of the pools. Although it was forbidden to put your hands in the water, there was one starfish in a bucket which was passed around. During the visit, one tank of rays was being fed which was fascinating to watch. The same rays rose to the surface of the water when you rubbed your hands together as they sensed the static electricity. The tour lasted about an hour.

Afterwards they enjoyed ice cream on the pier before returning to the church for Father Ockerse’s talk, rosary and benediction. Two new crusaders and a new page were also enrolled in the crusade. It was a great opportunity not only for the children to spend time together, but also to be reminded of their important commitment as a member of the Eucharistic Crusade.