New Crusaders for the Midlands

Source: SSPX Ireland

After more than a year without meetings the Crusaders of Corpus Christi Church finally came together for a renewal of their crusading spirit. On Sunday February 19th, the Crusader day began with a Sung Mass at 10 o’clock. After Mass all the crusaders and those of the parents who were available gathered into the Parish hall for lunch. After many ravenous appetites were satisfied, all were seated and ready for the talk to be given by Fr Ockerse, the Chaplain of the Crusade in Ireland.

In the talk, Father explained that just as we cannot learn to play football properly unless we actually spend time playing the game, so to, we cannot hope to learn our faith by merely reading a book. The Eucharistic Crusade is more than a catechism lesson. It is an apprenticeship. In the Eucharistic Crusade the habits of religion are made part of life.

Good spiritual habits and routines are formed that will stay with the child their whole life. Not stale and boring routines that destroy all fervour, but those kept always fresh and ready for work by a new intention to pray for every month.

After the talk, new crusaders were enrolled, and after that there were various activities planned. The boys went out to play football. The girls stayed in to do crafts. Picture colouring, clay modelling and making St Bridget crosses kept them occupied for hours. The afternoon was soon spent and all went home happy that the crusade was once again up and running in Athlone.