A Light Shining to the Gentiles

Source: SSPX Ireland

On the Feast of Candlemas, St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Dillwyn, Virginia witnessed the taking of the cassock by those seminarians in the spirituality year of their formation and the tonsure of the those seminarians in their first year study of Philosophy.

Among those seminarians, three of them are Irish. Joseph Budds of Co. Cork received the tonsure, while Niall O'hAimheirgin of Co. Tipperary and Paul Duffley of Co. Roscommon received the cassock. It is certainly a cause for rejoicing not only for the families, but also for the whole country to see these fruits of the traditional liturgy at a time when the consequences of the new liturgy are only now being fully realised.

While the National Seminary in Maynooth seems to be on the brink of closure due to a shortage of vocations, St Thomas Aquinas Seminary continues to draw young men from this island to the call of the Priesthood. Let us pray for their perseverance, and for many more young men to respond to this noble call.