Of Horses, Babies, and Elderly

Source: SSPX Ireland

"In this day and age, it tears the heart out of me to see how cruel humans can be." These are the words of councillor Catherine Carey after she same across a field of dead horses who had been neglected and abandoned by their owner in Co. Tipperary.

Although it is certainly sad to see such treatment given to God’s creatures, it is rather ironic how society today seems to be more concerned about the dignity of animals rather than human beings. Most people today would see such treatment of horses to be a terrible crime, while on the other hand they openly support the abortion of human babies in a mother’s womb, even after much of the child’s body is well-developed.

To add to this confusion, Tom Curran, a prominent right to die campaigner, recently went before the Joint Committee on Justice and Equality to lobby for assisted suicide. He even went as far as to say that denying a patient the means to commit suicide amounts to discrimination.

“At a particular point they feel their life is not worth living  – that is a right that everyone should have to say that. It is only the individual person who can decide what they are prepared to tolerate. What right do we have to say to them that you should continue to live in that discomfort and pain,” said Curran.

The true dignity of the human person lies in his vocation to be an adopted Child of God and partaker in His Life. Every person has been placed on earth for that reason alone, and is free to accept or reject God. Unfortunately, too often “the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does not comprehend it” (Jn. 1:5). Without this point of reference, the “dignity of the human person” becomes a list of perverted “rights” based on selfishness and pragmatism.

Source: journal.ie independent.ie