The future of Irish schools

Source: SSPX Ireland

Dr Ali Selim of the Irish Muslim Board

As if the schools in Ireland have not been stripped enough of their Catholic ties, the Irish Muslim Board is lobbying for the removal of crucifixes and other religious imagery, as well as certain activities which express Christian beliefs, since these could be “offensive” to a Muslim.

In addition, they also recommended integrating certain practices of the Muslim religion into the school, such as a communal breaking of the Ramadan fast.

Although it is inconceivable that Christians would receive the same privileges in Muslim countries, Ireland is nevertheless considering how to be more inclusive and tolerant towards Islam because they have lost their convictions in the Faith of their forefathers.

How is it that a Catholic school should remove the outwards expressions of the true Faith, and adopt those of another faith? Not only does this spell a hasty end to Catholicism since “faith without works is dead” (James 2:20), but it also paves the way for a contrary faith.  

Source: irishtimes