Forcing Abortion on Ireland

Source: SSPX Ireland

Katie Ascough, UCD Student Union President

Soon after Katie Ascough was elected as the UCD Student Union President, she took action to recall the annual guide magazine which contained extensive information over access to abortion services abroad. She quickly received wide criticism for this act, and a faction from the University joined together to petition for her impeachment.

This one incident has highlighted the fact that recently the liberals have been using every outlet possible to force the repeal of the 8th amendment on the people. This has happened to such an extent that it has become nearly socially unacceptable to be pro-life. As one of the students admitted: “we no longer have free speech. It’s just whatever opinion is popular at the time and then you’re lambasted if yours isn’t the same”.

Fortunately, the petition to impeach Katie failed, although they are already beginning the process to re-submit the petition.

Man can never supersede Almighty God and change His law. Even if the number of people in the wrong are in the majority, these atrocities can never become morally acceptable. Not only does the law of God never change, but neither does His Love. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Heb. 13:8).

Let us beg Almighty God to help Ireland rediscover God’s Love and spare Ireland from committing these further atrocities against His Sacred Heart!