'Cesspool of Liberal Theology and Heterodoxy'

Source: SSPX Ireland

In 2016, the year after Ireland voted on the homosexual referendum, Fr. David Marsden resigned from his post at the Pontifical University in Maynooth on grounds of a conflict of theological outlook. However, in a recent interview Fr. Marsden revealed that although the seminary was a ‘cesspool of liberal theology and heterodoxy’, it was actually the homosexual issues within the seminary that led to his decision. 

He states in the interview that: ‘It is my honest assessment that the formation and academic staff in Maynooth are either liberal or homosexual and a significant number are both.’

Leading up to the 2015 referendum, same sex ‘marriage’ was a forbidden topic, and he was even once reprimanded for denouncing it in a homily. Fr. Marsden also attempted to report the gay subculture to the authorities with concrete examples, but nothing was done. Finally, in exasperation, Fr. Marsden himself approached one of the more notorious offenders about this problem.  He was given the response: ‘My bishop knows, the seminary council knows, my spiritual director knows – none of them have a problem with it so neither should you.’ It was then that Fr. Marsden sent in his letter of resignation.

In September of this year, only five men entered Maynooth seminary, which is thought to be the lowest enrollment ever. But the question is, how should a seminary which is providing such a tragic formation to future priests be allowed to continue at all?

Source: lifesitenews.com