Calling folks who long to go on pilgrimages

Source: SSPX Ireland

Chartres to Paris Pilgrimage Pentecost 2017

The Chartres pilgrimage will take place from 3rd to 5th June this year but the Irish chapter will depart Ireland on Friday 2nd June in order to arrive on time for the beginning of the pilgrimage. It is a three day walking pilgrimage, covering a distance of approximately 100km which although physically tough is akin to a spiritual retreat and an occasion to do some penance, especially in this centenary year, the theme of the pilgrimage this year being the Immaculate Heart of Mary. To register or to find out more contact us at [email protected]


Saturday 3rd June: 7.45am Opening Mass at Chartres, pilgrimage leaves at 9am.

Pentecost Sunday: Depart 6.00am. 6pm Mass at campsite near Villepreux.

Monday 5th June: Depart 5.30am. Arrival at Place Vauban, Paris in front the Cathedral of Saint-Louis-des-Invalides for Mass at 4.30pm. Mass finished at about 6.30pm.


Camping both nights of the pilgrimage (fee covers access to campsite amenities). Separate marquees are provided but your own tent would be much more comfortable. Bring a warm sleeping bag, ground mat, wash kit, towels and something warm to wear at night. Also bring a complete change of clothes, a foot repair kit, pen knife, corkscrew, torch, knife and fork, mug, a piece of string and some rainwear. An example kit list will be provided to pilgrims as a guide.


Bring supper for Friday (or eat in a restaurant), breakfast for Saturday and lunches for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. All other meals are provided. Water is supplied throughout the walk and wine can be purchased for a nominal sum at every meal.


Lorries are stationed at Chartres and at each campsite to take luggage to the next stop. Be sure you tie a white ribbon and your name and address to your luggage for identification. During the walk it is a good idea to bring light rainwear in addition to sweets, nuts, raisins, apples and other high-energy foods as well as lunch for the day. A small rucksack is useful.


Please bring as many religious banners as possible. Please ensure poles are bought / constructed prior to the pilgrimage. National flags also welcome.


Contact us for more information!