Mgr Robert Hugh Benson - An Alphabet of Saints: G

September 19, 2020
FSSPX Spirituality

<p><strong>Originally published in 1905 by Burns &amp; Oates<br />
narrated by Elena Attfield</strong></p>


<p>The&nbsp;twenty-six SAINTS in this volume of rhymes<br />
Lived in various places at various times;</p>

<p>But now they&#39;re&nbsp;together in Heaven, and know<br />
All we think, say and do in the world here below;</p>

<p>And since ail that you ask&mdash;if you pray for good ends&mdash;<br />
Will be granted by GOD at the prayer of His friends,</p>

<p>You should call on these SAINTS in the days of your youth<br />
For the Peace of the Church and the Triumph of Truth.</p>

<p>We hope, as these Rhymes are the best we can do,<br />
That the SAINTS will be pleased, and that you&#39;ll be pleased too.</p>

<h2>Letter G&nbsp;for ....?</h2>