Annual Chartres Pilgrimage

The Chartres pilgrimage is a huge pilgrimage of Tradition in which thousands take part to walk the 110km from Chartres to Paris over the Pentecost weekend.


It a pilgrimage to the Sacred Heart through Our Lady - Chartres cathedral being where Our Lady's veil is venerated. The pilgrimage destination was traditionally the Sacré Coeur in Montmartre.

This year the pilgrimage will begin 4th June with Mass at 07.45 in the gardens of the Cathedral of Chartres and ends with Mass at 16.00 on 6th June at the Place Vauban in Paris. Pilgrims have the option of visiting Paris and booking their own accommodation in Paris on 3rd June and travelling to Chartres on 4th June morning or booking their own accommodation in Chartres on 3rd June. 


2022 - "We are God's Youth"


To register for the pilgrimage click here

To travel with the Irish group, book these flights:

Ryanair Flight FR22 Dublin to Paris Beauvais 03/06/22 departing at 06.40
Ryanair Flight FR29 Paris Beauvais to Dublin 06/06/22 departing at 22.30

Once you've registered please let us know by emailing [email protected]


Friday 3rd June 

06.40 flight Dublin to Paris
Bus transfer to Porte Maillot, Paris: €16
Option to spend time visiting Paris (bags can be left at the concierge in Montparnasse train station for a small price)
Choice of booking own accommodation in Paris and taking the train to Chartres Saturday 4th morning
OR taking train from Montparnasse to Chartres Friday 3rd evening and booking own accommodation in Chartres

Saturday 4th June 

Pilgrimage begins with 7.45am Mass in gardens of Chartres cathedral
110km pilgrimage from Chartres to Paris begins
Commmunal tents provided for foreign pilgrims or personal tents can be brought

Sunday 5th June - Pentecost

Pilgrimage continues, the day ends with pontifical Mass at campsite

Monday 6th June

Pilgrimage finishes with 4pm Mass at the Place Vauban in Paris
Bus transfer from Porte Maillot to Paris Beauvais, leaving at 19.30
22.30 flight Paris Beauvais to Dublin


Chartres Kit List

1) Big rucksack for most of luggage - this piece of luggage goes on the back of a lorry during the day and needs labelled with a white ribbon (you just need to take note of the code displayed at the time you drop your bag at the lorry in order to find your bag in the evening):

- sleeping bag
- ground mat
- blister patches/sterilised safety pins for popping blisters/plasters
- socks (a thin pair (like thousand-mile socks) under a thick pair or simply a good thick pairby themselves)
- clothes: wear stuff that dries easily (sports t-shirts etc), jersey material etc....denim is a definite no
- well broken in walking shoes or runners (NOT a pair that you buy a month before). You need to have walked at least 50 miles in a new pair of walking shoes (less if you wear trainers). Get plenty of walking done in the 2 months run up to the pilgrimage if you can(three or four 5 mile walks per week at least) - the pilgrimage is very tough: 110km in three days – and can lead to chronic injuries if not adequately prepared for.
- towel (if you have the energy to make it to the wash tents...where there are troughs with trickles of water ...or wipes are an easier option!)
- flip flops (if you fancy getting your feet aired at the campsite)
- plastic bags (for rubbish when in your tent at night)
- tissues/toiletries/gel handwash/rosary beads/mobile/wallet/passport/boarding passes/alarm clock/after sun cream
- cup or bowl for your soup at night, plastic cutlery depending on what food you bring
- a suspension lantern can be handy inside the tent at night if you have one

2) Small rucksack for carrying your necessities during the day:

- light rain coat or cape (a poncho is ideal for covering your rucksack as well as yourself unless you have a waterproof covering for your rucksack - also good for sitting on during breaks)
- fleece/bandana (it can be really cold in the morning)
- food for lunch and snacks
- bottle of water (big bottles are given out to the chapter throughout the day to top up our personal bottle)
- sun hat (an absolute necessity to be worn at all times even in cloud cover - we don't want anybody getting sunstroke in the Irish happens quite regularly)
- sun cream
- wipes (essential!)

3) Food: baguettes and hot drinks are provided in the morning (bring your own tea bags if you want Irish tea though!); soup and baguettes are provided in the evening (sausages and chips can be had at an extra charge). Some ideas for snacks during the day and lunch:

- Snacks: chocolate, nuts (salted ones are the best to option to replace the bodily salts you will be losing), raisins (or choc or yoghurt coated), sweets, fruit compotes, (sugar lumps are served along the way).
- Lunch: tinned fish (John West Tuna tubs or meals/German sausages etc. – take a penknife if required) /beans/fruit. Usually you're not that hungry because of exhaustion so just bring something small for each lunch. Baguettes are provided at the lunch stop. 

4) Tents: There are communal tents but they can be very drafty and damp so bringing your own pop-up one is recommended - it can also be transported in the lorry during the day.

Here's a summary of the above information.