Catechism Explained - Daphne McLeod

This is a 16 x 30minute audio catechism course by Mrs. Daphne McLeod.


►No. 1 - Almighty God

►No. 2 - About Ourselves

►No. 3 - The Fall, Original Sin & The Promise Of A Redeemer

►No. 4 - The Blessed Trinity

►No. 5 - The Incarnation & The Redemption

►No. 6 - Sanctifying Grace & Baptism

►No. 7 - Jesus' Life & Teachings

►No. 8 - The Church & The Bible

►No. 9 - Prayer

►No.10 - The Mass & The Blessed Sacrament

►No.11 - The Moral Law & The Sacrament of Penance

►No.12 - Our Blessed Lady

►No.13 - The Sacramental System & The Other Four Sacraments

►No.14 - The Communion of Sanits

►No.15 - The Four Last Things

►No.16 - Ecumenism

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The course is based upon the venerable English Penny Catechism and is a real pleasure to listen to. It is ideal for car journeys when you have all the family as a captive audience. 

About The Author

Mrs. McLeod was a pupil of the eminent lay theologian, Mr. Frank Sheed (author of Theology and Sanity among many other priceless works) when she was a member of the Catholic Evidence Guild in the 1940s in the U.K.. She has given her life to teaching catechism as a religion teacher, a public speaker and an activist for the return of Catholic tradition. 

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