Catechism Course Enrolment Form


Course with Homework: £75 / €84    
Homework only: £50 / €55
Communion Supplement: £10 / €12
Confirmation Supplement: £15 / €18

Course Description

Course Description Year
A The Life of Our Lord and of Our Lady 1
B The Apostles’ Creed and Living the Liturgy.  2
Comm Supplement of preparation for First Confession and Communion  

Preparation for Confession and First Communion. (If a child has already received these sacraments, this course aims at increasing his knowledge and love of them.) 3
D The first half of the Apostles’ Creed on a higher level and a study of the Old Testament  4 & up
Conf Supplement of preparation for Confirmation.  
D/E The second half of the Apostles’ Creed; the Commandments in general, and the First Commandment in particular. 5 & up
E The Commandments of God and the Precepts of the Church. 6 & up
F Grace; Prayer; the Sacraments in general, and Baptism, Confirmation, and the Holy Eucharist in particular. 7 & up
F/G The sacraments of Penance, Holy Orders, Matrimony and Extreme Unction; the Virtues in general, and Faith and Hope in particular. 8 & up
G The Virtue of Charity, the Cardinal and Moral Virtues, the Gifts of the Holy Ghost. 9 & up