Cardinal Wright's letter of approval for the SSPX

Written on February 18, 1971

Exc. me Domine,

[Excellentissime Domine]

With great joy I received your letter, in which your Excellency informs me of your news and especially of the Statutes of the Priestly Society.

As Your Excellency explains, this Association, which by your action, received on 1 November 1970, the approbation of His Excellency Francois Charriere, Bishop of Fribourg, has already exceeded the frontiers of Switzerland, and several Ordinaries [bishops] in different parts of the world praise and approve it. All of this and especially the wisdom of the norms which direct and govern this Association give much reason to hope for its success.

As for the Sacred Congregation [of the Clergy], the Priestly Society will certainly be able to conform to the end proposed by the Council [for the formation of seminarians], for the distribution of the clergy in the world.

I am respectfully, Your Excellency,

Yours in the Lord.

addictissimus in Domino,

J Card. Wright, Praef.