2024 Donation Declaration for Tax Relief

The Society of St Pius X is an officially registered charitable organisation (CHY9694) and is entitled to claim back the taxes made on all donations.

Please help us reclaim the money taxed on your SSPX donations in 2021, which can be as much as an additional 45% of the amount you've already donated. If you have a digital signature the entire process can be completed online without printing (see bottom)!

NB all information will be kept strictly private and confidential.

Option 1: Paper Method

1. Print out this PDF

2. Complete & sign it

3. Give it to your pastor or freepost it to:

Freepost FDN TUM 2

iDonate Ltd

Unit 28, N17 Business Park

Galway Road, Tuam

Co. Galway

Option 2: Paperless method

Download this PDF, complete the fillable form, add your digital signature & email to [email protected]

SOS: I can't do either method!

Just email us and we can post a form out. Don't let the government pull a fast one on you this year ;)